Friday, June 01, 2007


A few months ago, I took the plunge and attended a two-day Basic Flash workshop.
Before this year, the last time I used Flash was back in ye olde dark ages of version 4. Me and Flash had had a dysfunctional relationship for awhile, and it finally came to blows (I remember it well - - it was during a Filene's "Glam Jam" ad campaign). Well, we had a bitter break up and, for the next four years, I didn't use Flash at all. This year, I had to jump back in the Flash pool. It was mportant on so many levels, and truly it was just as important for me to do it for personal reasons as it was for professional reasons. So I took a two-day workshop to get up to speed on the basics. The workshop was GREAT, and I learned (and re-learned) a ton. And the most lasting and fabulous thing is that Flash is now a totally different beast than it was back then. In fact, it really isn't very beastly at all now. It's actually tame and pretty friendly. Which is good, because I have to use it every day. Although I havent gotten many opportunities at day job to push the Flash illustration/animation hybrid, I really would like to do more of it so I have to find the time to. Here is one small (very very small, not impressive at all, totally quick and dirty) animation with a little artwork I made with Flash. I was just fooling around. (warning: it's totally basic. really.) It's just cute, I think, and I hope you like it too.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, You have wonderful color sense. I think your "quick and dirty" flash animation is adorable...and once you're proficient, I can't imagine what you'll do!

Chickengirl said...

aww the animation is really sweet. A long time ago I took a flash workshop and loved it, but unfortunately I didnt work with it everyday, I dont remember half the things I learned. So definitely play with it as often as you can!

nancyrosetta said...

I love sprout!
Really cute first effort.
See you tomorrow.

psychopooch said...

very cute first stab at flash!