Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tinkerbell and Pug Rescue of NC

Tinkerbell at Pug Rescue NC

I receive periodical mailings from a great organization called Pug Rescue of NC ( The most recent newsletter features the story of a pug named Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell has had some terrible luck. She was surrendered by her owner because the owner reported that Tinkerbell was aggressive to the older blind dogs in the home. Although Tinkerbell's case workers did not experience this when checking out Tinkerbell. In fact, they found her to be timid and shy, and seemed scared of people and other animals. She also did not like to be touched.

To the naked eye, Tinkerbell looked okay, but on vet evaluation it was discovered that Tinkerbell had, under her fur on her back, an extremely severe infection - - bacteria and lesions, fungus!! This poor little doggie was obviously horribly abused and mistreated!

Pug Rescue are truly living up to their name, having taken this little pug under their wing and getting her the help that she desperately needed. Tinkerbell has had one skin graft thus far and will soon have a second one. It sounds like she is doing really great, all things considered, and I am truly touched and moved by the work they are doing to help this little doggie. Wow, my hat is off to Pug Rescue. Thank you so much for taking such good care of these doggies in need!!!

The Pug Rescue NC is taking donations for Tinkerbell's Fund. There is a Paypal donate button on the last "Tinkerbell update" page at (you have to follow the links through the whole story, and please beware, there are some graphic photos of her injury and the skin grafts.) Please give to help little Tinkerbell, if you can. I am sure anything will help with the bills.

Wow, reading Tinkerbell's story brought tears to my eyes. I really started to think - - how could a person could do that to an innocent, beautiful, sweet little doggie. It is so unfathomable. But I really do believe that, despite all of the horrors in this world, there is more GOOD in the world than bad. And Pug Rescue NC and Tinkerbell's story, though penetrating in its horror and sadness, is really truly uplifting, too. We know there is terrible things in the world, but LOOK - - this little doggie has not lost her positivity and her ability to trust people, after all she's been through!! And, LOOK - - these people at Pug Rescue are changing this little doggies' life completely, and for the (much, much, much) better!!! They didn't turn their back on this little doggie. They're with her every step of the way, through the good and the bad. Initial acts like that, and follow-through like that, renews my faith in the entire world. Thank you, Pug Rescue NC!! And GO, Tinkerbell!!!!

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Abby Creek Art said...

Dogs really show us how to love and forgive, don't they? Even after the most horrific circumstances...they continue to blossom with their amazing, precious spirits in the right hands, in kind hands.

Tinkerbell is just that kind of girl. Bless her little heart. I love her!

Thanks for the link to this great org. and the story, Kathy. xo