Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wacom Cintiq!

My Cintiq was delivered on Thursday. My friend Gene was so kind and helped me to get it home and set up. It was a bit of rough sailing that night - - I couldn't figure out why the screen would not come on...but I'm working out the technical kinks and am now starting to wrap my head around this incredible new tool and how it will fundamentally change my artwork on the computer.

One of the small techno-kinks, for instance: finally figuring out that the Cintiq needs to be powered on BEFORE my computer is. Otherwise, you get a picture, but the pen doesn't work. This changes things because I don't usually shut down my computer, I used to put it to sleep instead. Now that I have the Cintiq, I'll be shutting it down, because it is best, according to the directions, to power it off when not in use, even though it will go to "sleep" when your computer does.

These little tweaky things I will learn with time, and they will get less and less. Now, I'm doing great with it!! I've calibrated my monitor (which will probably be a work in progress as I find comfort level and how printing goes with it), and I've programmed my ExpressKeys: there are two sets of push-button keys - one on the right and one on the left, and the Touch Strips (on either side as well). I think I will also get a separate additional keyboard to use when using the Cintiq, since that will be more practical to use with it than my laptop's keyboard.

All in all, it's awesome - I'm blown away by it!

Some of the things I can do now that are 100% easier:

- hand-lettering
-drawing and painting anything with precision
-using paths (incredible "natural" precicision now).

I thought I would be more comfortable using it flat on a table or with a slight angle, but this turned out not to be the case. It's most comfortable at an angle as close to 90 degrees as I can get it.

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WOW, how exciting!