Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cooking with gas

I'm figuring out how my new creative workflow will go, working digitally as opposed to analog (as I was previously doing). I have discovered that being able to work mostly digitally is creatively extremely freeing, and the results are even better than I thought. I guess you could say I've taken to it very well. I wasn't really sure how my work would translate - how my style would translate. But so far, I am very thrilled with the way things are going and my style is developing quite nicely. I'm very happy.

The Cintiq makes the artwork part flow so organically. I am so glad that I upgraded to the Cintiq (not to mention all of the other pieces). Not having all of the stuff that I needed to really serve my work had really become a hindrance. I am glad I recognized that, and made the important decisions I needed to make.


Ginger*:)* said...

Cintiq .... oh how jealous am I !!! And all my digital friends !!!...

Did you find the Painter X brushes behaved a bit better with the ghost brushing unchecked?
I still have trouble with the slider bars under the brush controls. Working on that one. As soon as I figure out why they won't remain consistent I will most likely use X far more than IX.

I love this painting you just finished. Spectacular!

roz said...

This is adorable, it looks like you've been working with painter for years!

Alina Chau said...

BEAUTIFUL magical piece!

Kathy Weller said...

Ginger, Cintiq wasn't on my radar at ALL until that fateful NESCBWI weekend when I took Carlyn Beccia's lecture on digital art. After that, I added the Cintiq to the list studio upgrades I was then planning to make. I'm so glad I did!! :)

Roz, thanks so much!! It was done in Painter and Photoshop (not just Painter). I can do a lot in PS that I don't know how to accomplish as quickly yet, with Painter.

Alina, thank you so much!! :)