Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fun Saturday in NYC

Went to NYC this weekend with a group of friends. Took lots of pictures! This sign I spotted on a snack truck was particularly cheerful, charming and appealing! In particular, the likeness of the Sponge Bob ice cream treat has a great amount of personality, I think.

Bloomingdales' font is interesting: it looks like a mesh of past and future. Clearly it's Art Deco period but seeing it today it has a very "Sky Captain", "Matrix" twist. It feels very lost in time to me and all alone, even though I am sure there are many that are similar to this, that would be very easy to find on the web. But I can't think of any that are really, really close to this one (knock off of it).
The building has much tile detail relief. I'd have liked to get several shots of this building, but not this trip. They don't make them like this anymore (at least not here in the USA).

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Anonymous said...

Yay! NY is fun! If you're ever in Chicago, please let me know, we go into the city quite a bit. Your stuff is looking faboo in the digital world!!

a : )