Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's done

I'm calling it "Done"!
There was a lot of experimentation, moving back and forth between Painter X and PS. It was a real learning experience (complete with the prerequisite kinks along the way) but I'm finding my footing with Painter, and the Painter / PS combo. I could have continued working on this, but I needed to finish it, for psychological reasons as well as time frame reasons - I have other work I need to accomplish, too :) . It's hard to know when enough's enough, when you are trying so many different things. Despite all of the new tools I used, I think it holds together very well. YAY for Completion!!


Amy C. Moreno said...

It's WONDerful. COngrats

AZ said...

Kathy! It's GREAT!! I love it!