Sunday, July 08, 2007


Here is a detail of a piece I am creating in Painter X. It's a work in progress and this is just a portion of it, but I wanted to post something I'd done exclusively in Painter. This will be my first piece which is almost-all or entirely created in Painter. (The last piece I did in Painter was started in Painter but was mainly done in PS.) I'm still not sure how PS and P X will work together - - or not. Will it be too unintuitive to move into PS after working in P X? does it make sense to? Will I devise a set plan that works for/with both? We'll see. For now, I need to get the basics of P X under my belt and just use it as much as I can.

I'm learning some important things to abide by when working in Painter X:

Utilizing the customized Workspace and customized Palettes is pretty important to my overall productivity in Painter X. There are SO many tools to paint and draw with, and SO many options for said tools, it's dizzying, and it can really be a big black hole unless a good system is devised. I am at the tail end of the experimental stage where I want to see how EVERYTHING works. But what's starting to happen is that I am beginning to (finally!!) gravitate towards a few certain tools which I will use most of the time. Now, my next move is to create some customized Palettes that are very limited in scope so that I can be more productive overall. I'll explain it this way - picture yourself as a 2 year old kid in F.A.O Schwarz. You really like this one toy witht he sparkling lights and the horn noise, but what if there is an even BETTER toy on the next shelf over? And then, what if THAT toy is also a gummi worm candy dispenser? In some ways, it's like an artist's ADD fantasy/nightmare. It's really, really easy to get distracted by the availability of so many options. So you must discover your own plan of action and then stay in scope.

Key commands are very important, especially with the Cintiq.
I do have a keyboard now set up for use with my Cintiq, but learning the key commands helps a lot. I can't seem to find one definitive source/document for Painter key commands. If anyone knows where I can get one, please let me know if you have a sec.

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