Sunday, July 15, 2007

Picture Book Junkies!!

I am now a member of the children's illustrators' group, Picture Book Junkies!! I've been following some of the other member artists for quite awhile now (in a "fan" type of way ;) ) so, to now be a member of their group is, well, extremely flattering and very exciting for me. I'm so honored to be a part of this great group of talented illustrators and wonderful people.

The fabulous artists that make up PBJ are:

Janee Trasler

Roz Fulcher

Laura Logan

Patrice Barton

Heather Powers

...and now, ME too!! Yipee!!!!!

The website for the group is and the blog is The PBJ blog features a weekly subject, and each artist member has one set day of the week to post on the subject. Please check the PBJ blog regularly to see what we are posting about this week. Almost every day there is a fresh new post, so please check back often!!


roz said...

We're so excited that you are a pbj!

janee said...

And we're so relieved you survived the initiation ceremony and lived to tell about it.

patrice said...

Yay! We're honored to have you as a member, Kathy!