Monday, August 13, 2007

Buster, the ever-faithful CowDog!!

Here is a portrait I am very proud of, and is also a personal work because the subject is part of my family! This is Buster, my dad and step-mom's doggie! He is a GREAT dog. I LOVE this dog! He's very soulful. Okay, okay, I know ALL dogs are, but at the risk of sounding fruity, I will share with you that Buster and I have had non-verbal communication. ;)

I did the Buster portrait for my dad's 70th birthday present! My step-mom Cha Cha planned a big surprise party for him this past weekend and invited all three of my sisters and myself and all of our husbands. It was such a fun weekend! Thanks, Cha Cha and Dad!! (I think they really liked the portrait, too!)

The background on the portrait's theme: My dad grew up in Washington state, and was very passionate about horses and cowboy culture - he even had horses of his own. He loved to ride horses and spend time with them, and draw them too, of course! As an adult, he enjoyed a very illustrious career as an illustrator and graphic designer in Los Angeles, but eventually him and Cha Cha longed for a different lifestyle, and they moved to Utah. These days, my dad and Cha Cha still do some design work but they also have a wonderful life with horses and cows too, on their own ranch. My dad now is a western painter and he sells them through galleries. He also likes to engage in the sport of "cutting". My step-mom Cha Cha is a wonderful graphic designer and still does graphic design now. She has also designed and produced large quilts. (She also does a lot of yoga!!) They call themselves 'retired' but they are pretty busy for retired folks. ;) (I hope to be as busy and active when I'm 'retired'! :) )


Abby Creek Art said...

I love this one, Kathy! What a great present.

And I can see where you get some of your talent...your dad's western paintings are gorgeous!!

Rebecca said...

This is a great portrait! Thanks for sharing so much about your Dad. Wow, it must be either tough or totally grand coming from so much talent. It certainly does not seem to have hurt you any.

cowbelly said...

These are so beautiful Kathy! You did such an incredible job of capturing the twinkle in Buster's eye. The art really speaks to the personality you see in the photographs. And of course I really like Buster because he is called a 'CowDog' ;-)

Jamie 'Cowbelly'