Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Scribble Guild

I have some pretty exciting news, folks - - I'm part of a new illustrators' collective called the Scribble Guild!! The SG consists of this fabulous, creative and talented bunch: Andi Butler (aka Mrs. B), Jacob Souva (Two Fish Illustration), David Sones (Pickledog), Valerie Walsh (ValgalArt) and yours truly! It's a pretty swanky site - frankly, it blows me away, it is so gorgeous (Jacob's handiwork) !! We have our own SG blog, and it's just a fun site to visit (I, for one, can't seem to stop visiting, ha ha). Please check it out, enjoy, and check back often.

1 comment:

Chickengirl said...

excellent! The website looks fabulous... Congrats, its a good lookin group!