Monday, September 10, 2007

The Months - October - first rough sketches

Here are the first quickie rough sketch compositions I did for the month of October. I also did some character sketching here too! October is my favorite month, and who doesn't love Halloween? (I was even married in October, and that was by design, because it is the best month, of course!) I hope you enjoy these little dumplings. The final came out a little differently because we had to rejigger the composition to fit the page in a certain way. ALso, we removed the Pilgrim costume because the book needed international appeal, and having the pilgrim as a costume in October seemed unneccessarily narrow in scope. There is a world of other costumes from which to choose, so we went with something else. What did we end up going with? You will have to see the book to find out! :)

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Pickledog said...

Kathy, your roughs are so much fun. I love the squirrel with the acorn stash, and the trick-or-treaters are fantastically cute.