Friday, September 14, 2007

Something came in the mail today...

It may not be in the bookstores yet, but my book
DID make it to MY door today!

A big box full of books!...My books!!! Yipee!!

The proud 'parent'! Yup, that's me and my brand new book.

THANKS Sara Coleridge, for such a wonderful poem to illustrate. I hope that lots of children learn the poem by having a grown-up read this book to them, over and over! Pretty soon they will be joining in, reciting the stanzas too, and putting their own creative spin
on the delivery.

This book is truly perfect for the very young who are learning to read, and I truly hope that they enjoy it in every way. I hope they see something new in it every time they open it!


The official web site for The Months is now up (! There are some downloadable fun activity sheets, plus some other cool stuff. Please be sure to check it out!


patrice said...

Woohoo! They're beautiful, Kathy!! Proud parent indeed! Congrats!

roz said...

They look wonderful.

Eric Orchard said...

Congratulations! It looks fantastic. I'd be so proud of a book like that.

Chickengirl said...

oh wow! Look at that! The books are looking so shiny and new! Congratulations, you look like a proud mama!!

nancyrosetta said...

Kathy, your book is fantastic!


I loved seeing you (and your book)on Saturday, and I will see you tomorrow night, we will have a great time!

I love you!