Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Magic Rabbit - - Amazing!!!

"The Magic Rabbit" by Annette LeBlanc Cate

Check this out...Ten years ago, I worked at Tom Snyder Productions as an illustrator/animator. The project I was working on was called Fizz and Martina Math Adventures, a classroom-education CD-ROM series for math. My team worked in close proximity to the animators for the TV show Dr. Katz. For a period of time, the F&M team didn't have a cohesive space to work in together, so the other F&M animator and I shared workspace with the Dr. Katz folks. We all got to know each other, day-to-day work-wise, very well. One of those people was Dr. Katz's art director, Annette LeBlanc Cate. In the time I worked at TSP, I found Annette to be an affable and extremely genuine person. Great leadership qualities but SO down-to-earth, really, really talented but totally not a show-off (AT ALLLL). Simply put, Annette ROCKED. (I wished she were MY boss!) Over the years, I have occasionally wondered what Annette was up to (and wished I had her email address!)
"Curious George Goes To Wordsworth" Bookstore in Harvard Square

An inside spread, "The Magic Rabbit"

So, what a FABULOUS surprise I got today while strolling through my favorite children's bookstore Curious George. ("YES!" I thought! I had successfully resisted making a purchase!) ...Until, just as I was heading out the door, I looked down, and lo and behold, I saw my old Dr. Katz friend Annette's new first children's book "The Magic Rabbit" peering up at me from the bottom of the first standing book rack, facing the entrance of the store!!! Oh my gosh, I was SO thrilled to see this. I, of course, did the stop - stare - grab - look, but quickly preempted the look-through and instead swiftly brought it to the register! I KNEW it would be something special!! I am so thrilled for Annette's wonderful success and I look forward to reading her new book!! (I even got a signed copy - how fun!)

I have not read it yet because I really need to carve out a time to absorb it without distractions. But I have flipped through it, and the art is nothing short of spectacular. Of course I'd expect nothing less!! When I asked, I was so surprised to hear that the book came out several months ago. Don't know how I missed it for so long!! :) Annette wrote AND illustrated this book, and it is her first. Published by Candlewick Press. Big congratulations to Annette!

My autographed copy of "The Magic Rabbit"!


Eric Orchard said...

Her work looks amazing. I'll hunt this book down.

princesstomato said...

what a magical surprise!! makes for a happy day!