Saturday, October 20, 2007

My "Pumkin Junkin'" entry!

Holli Conger is having a fun & creative Halloween-themed contest called Pumpkin Junkin'!
You get a pumpkin, and then you "junk it" however you want, with found objects, or whatever you have lying around. It's a fun, let loose, get-your-hands-dirty kind of craft project with a fun pay-off: your very own Junky Pumpkin to enjoy!

Here is mine! I'm showing it at a blurry distance on purpose ;) , so that maybe you will hop on over to Pumpkin Junkin' yourself to see the close-up photo of my pumpkin, and see all of the other cool entries! Maybe you will even then decide to have fun "junking" your own pumpkin and entering it into the challenge!! If you need further impetus to junk a pumpkin (as if it is not prize enough to give yourself an excuse to have this kind of fun), there are also three wonderful prizes to be had: the Grand Prize is an original "junk-a-doodle" piece created by Holli, and the Second and Third Prizes are Holli's own "junk-a-doodle" prints!!

1 comment:

Chickengirl said...

awww, the eyebrows are so cute :-)
Wished I had some more time so I can junk my own pumpkin too! Not sure if I'll make the deadline....