Monday, November 26, 2007

Wellerwishes Etsy Shop...

It's been a long time coming, but I have *finally* started my Etsy shop! I only have three greeting card designs in there thus far, but I am proud of the work. I am excited to have these vibrant and whimsical designs to share with you this year!! :)

If you would like to, please check out my little (...tiny, right now ;) ) shop and tell me what you think!!

If you are saying to yourself, "Why is Kathy opening an Etsy shop? She already has a Cafe Press shop.. What's the difference??" The answer to that is this: Cafe Press creates all of the actual product for you. You upload your design onto their own stocked product, and you "design" the product online with their tools. They also pack it, ship it and deal with returns. This is all great stuff, but if you want to craft something yourself, or have your original design printed by your own chosen printer and have the most quality control over the final product, Etsy's where it's at. You do all the shipping, packing, and any returns yourself. But it is nice to be able to sell one of a kind art pieces in a unique, safe "online shopping mall" where people visit specifically to purchase hand-crafted or otherwise original works of art and crafts!! It's GREAT!!

while you are at Etsy, visit my sister's jewelry shop, Nancy Rosetta! She's got some cool stuff..

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Kate said...

Wow Kathy, this is gorgeous, as well as your other 2 cards! And I love your sister's jewelry!

BTW, there is this really weird coincidence: on my way to my part time job at the chiropractic clinic, I pass a street named "Weller". Then 2 streets later, I pass a street named "Cathy". I know the spelling is different, but it is like this sunliminal message saying Kathy Weller, Kathy Weller, Kathy Weller 3X a week! Makes me think of your beautiful art on a regular basis! : )