Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Olive & Abigail

Here is my most recent portrait "magnum opus"! I am truly thrilled with this piece.

The subjects of this piece are Olive (the big fluffy dog) and Abigail (the sly fluffy cat). What an amazing experience it was working on this portrait. I am really proud of it. The palette turned out just right. It's a vibrant, jewel-toned palette with just the right amount of burnished antiquing. Getting the details just right in Olive and Abigail's coats was so important, and I worked really hard to achieve the texture and coloring. But, the most important part of the portraits, for me, is capturing the expression of the pet. I want you to really get a sense of the nature of their personality and the general mood of the pet - that's my goal. I think I captured that here. At least, I hope I did. I do feel it in this piece!

Their mom is a very talented and also very prolific photographer named Jules Bianchi! She posted a bit about the portrait on her blog - - please check it out here! Also, do check out Jule's "Olive" category in her Blog index for more great shots of Olive!


Jules Bianchi said...

I just LOVE it, Kathy!! You did a fantastic job.

cowbelly said...

Oh my god oh my god oh my god I love it!!!

The details are phenomenal. Amazing job Kathy.