Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reasons I love doing pet portraiture... part one

Doing pet portraits gives me an outlet for this unique style and niche of artwork that I don't have elsewhere. It also allows me to flex some specific 'muscles' that I don't necessarily use in other ways with other artwork.

Itis truly an honor to do a piece of artwork that will have significant sentimental value for a long period of time.

I truly enjoy working one on one with other pet people, and hearing their personal stories about their pets. It's so much fun!

Pet portrait clients count among some of the toughest critics I've ever worked with. While this is not always easy, I am always learning new things from, and with, my clients - and I am always further sharpening my communication skills throughout the entire process. The wisdom I collect from discussing the work one on one with my clients is truly priceless. I consistently gain valuable unique experiences that I would not find in any other line of professional creative work. With pet portraits, every sentiment is sort of magnified to an extent because our pets are truly like our children, albeit fur-faced ones. So you can see how the experience is very different in the communication aspect and in the execution of the work, than it would be for, say, greeting card art or illustrating and designing for textiles. This wisdom also gets passed down to my work indirectly, because I am always striving to create something truly outstanding, unique and special for each new pet parent client I work with. I really try to knock your socks off, each and every time. It takes a lot more energy, but it's worth it! (It's your baby we're talking about, here. :))

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Rebecca said...

Great post. You are so postive and upbeat during the craziest of crazy months. Your writing is diplomatic and smooth as silk ... your clients must adore working with you kiddo. I look forward to part two, and will have to cross reference this next week and point some folks to this.