Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pet Art Prints for A Place To Bark

I read about A Place To Bark on one of my favorite artist's blogs. Claudine is giving away a work of art, plus some books, so head on over there to donate and be entered in her drawing!!

I was so inspired by Claudine's generosity and sharing that I decided to do the same. I'm giving away 10 archival, signed pet art prints in a drawing. To be entered in the drawing, please make a $10 donation to this wonderful cause.

Please read the FULL DETAILS here on my pet portrait blog.


GumballGrenade said...

I love when artists donate! Well done!

caroleldridge said...

just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. Your illustrations are so cute...where are you...anywhere near Boston?


Eric Orchard said...

Great dog boxing picture!