Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pulse Check

What I'm reading...

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
I loved his book The Tipping Point so much -- to me, it was so revelatory, and it was a catalyst for big shifts in my viewpoints, on so many things. When I first heard about his book Blink, I was so excited I was jumping out of my skin. But, when it comes to new releases, I'm really patient, since I'd rather read a paperback. I knew I was in for a wait. I don't know when it finally came out in paperback, but I just recently picked it up, and am reading it now.

I also just purchased Golden Legacy, which is a beautiful big book covering the history of Little Golden Books. It's gorgeous, filled with lovely artwork from Little Golden Books, and also shows some other art from the time period when the LGB series was first hatched. I may do a more in-depth post on this book once I start reading it.

What I'm listening to...
I've been in retro-land lately, revisiting old favorites The Sundays , The Clash and The Smiths. On a more contemporary note, I can't seem to get M.I.A.'s newest record out of heavy rotation, and I always seem to end up listening to part of her first record too, while I'm in the M's.

Back to that 'retro-land' note... This morning, I couldn't get the Violent Femme's first record out of my head (oh, so catchy!), so I went to purchase it on iTunes. My mission was aborted though because iTunes doesn't *have* the Violent Femme's first album (hmm... yet, I'm sure). I might just look through my CD's and - surprise! - actually find it hiding away in there...

What are you reading and listening to?


ellencrimitrent said...

all my faves!! The Violent Femmes brings back many memories as well as the Smiths! I was a huge alternative rock chick in college. NEw Order, Depeche Mode, XTC, you name it!!!

I love the 80's but of course it was my era!! now its seems so long ago!


Eric Orchard said...

I'd love to hear more about the Golden Books. I saw that book and was sorely tempted. The Violent Femmes hold up really well, they still sound so cool. That album really sounds like a greatest hits, every song is great.
I'm reading a Chesterton book and Philip Reeves new book, Starcross.

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Yay! The Violent Femmes! A treasure trove of memories!

FYI, you're on my blog for the "You Make my Day" award. Check it out! :)

Kathy Weller said...

Eric -
yes!! I agree about the VF record -- it's so perfect as a unit.
I broke down and bought the record on Amazon. Great!!

I'll check out your book choices Eric! Thanks for sharing!!

oh my gosh, we are from the same era!!! How about Echo and the Bunnymen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, U2? REM? X? ACK!! 80's short-circuit down memory lane!!! :)

Kim- Another VF fan!! :) Hah!! (All of us disenchanted and alienated as youth..UNITE!! haha)
Hey, THANK YOU for the soooo nice write-up on your blog!!!!! :) WOW, you're too kind!!! :) (Please give sweetums Lucy a googley face for me!!)

ValGalArt said...

You might think me a weirdo but i listen to the Sundays every day! They are perfect to work with! One of my friends works for LGB here in LA and i must get this book. Wonderful and interesting post Kathy!

Kate said...

Hey, I just bought myself a copy of the LGB "The Pokey Little Puppy", one of my favorite books from my childhood. At the back of the book was a story about the author and illustrator. It was very interesting and made me love the book more. I am going to check out the LGB collection you mention here!

Kathy Weller said...

Val, if you're a weirdo than so am I! ;) I sooo wish they would put out more music. But, I have to respect their leaving the industry 'machine'. I can't blame them. At least we have three great records!! That's better than none. Maybe someday, we will get lucky, and they will release some new music... dreaming!

Kate, I love the pokey puppy, too!!! :) Oh so cute!!

Eric Orchard said...

Good call Val! I love the Sundays!

carol eldridge said...

thanks again Kathy--
I just finished my post and my pick for the 5 who I awarded the "You make my Day" badge of honor.

wanted to let you know.


Anonymous said...

The Sundays changed my life fifteen years ago, they really did, I love Harriet Wheeler's voice and I find I'm listening to them again as I go through even more changes in my life, yay for the technology to always have them with me (and the shins, of course)...
I'm sending you the you make my day award, come see my blog if you get a chance...love your swirly blue v-day warning post too! and no bunker for me for valentine's day, taking my little guys out for pizza with friends!

a : )