Saturday, March 08, 2008

Into The Wild

I just saw the film "Into The Wild". It's a story based in truth about a young man who, pretty much scarred by his parents and the ideals that they were forcing on him, literally drops out of society after graduating from college. He went whole hog, too -- burned all of his identification, and gave all of his savings to charity. Stunning. It was a very scary story to watch. He was constantly in situations that were extremely dangerous. He burned all of his money. He abandoned his car. (He also made some wonderful friends, too.) He was extremist, hardcore. This guy chose to live a lifestyle that I found personally terrifying, but, it was the way that he wanted to live, and that's something you just can't argue with. It was haunting, disturbing, and ultimately devastating. In the end though, a very rewarding movie to watch. I'm glad it was made. Did you see it?

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roz said...

Thanks for posting about this Kathy.
I haven't seen it yet and it was all rented out at the video store tonight.
Will keep trying though!