Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New England Aquarium

What an inspiring, lovely and magical place!! I just could not put the iphone (camera) away... not for two minutes, even. It was very invigorating to visit with all the sea creatures and plants.

I was most taken by a seahorse. I was glued to this seahorse. They are such charming, otherworldly little creatures. I just love them!

We saw a couple of cuttlefish. They are squid-like, chameleon-like creatures. WOW.

Please check my Flickr photostream (link to the right) to see more pics, if you like.
Hope you enjoy the swim! :)


Tom Barrett said...

You got some great pics! We have the Florida Aquarium here in my area (a few hours south in Tampa actually), and it is an amazing place. So many neat creatures. Some of my favorites are the glowing jellyfish (the ones that look like a theater marque) and the sea dragons. If you ever find yourself in the area, visit the Tampa Zoo. They have an awesome manatee exhibit!

Kate said...

Yes, a real treart for the eyes, and a great inspirartion! I love field trips like this. They are even better when you are an adult....and if you are an artist!