Thursday, March 13, 2008

Process... Summer Camp Memories 3

Here is the final sketch (the bottom paper on the lightbox). It's now on watercolor paper, ready to be inked.

When I trace from a sketch on the lightbox, I use the under-sketch as a rough guide. I like to have room for 'happy accidents'. I'm not someone who works incredibly tight from start to finish. I don't do too many preliminary sketches of a given illustration before diving in because for me, it dilutes the final product. I do as much preliminary as I feel is necessary for me to have a very good handle on the general composition and all the elements within it, but I do no more than I need to. I think it affects the life, excitement and energy in it. I build but i don't like to over-build, because I feel that beats it down. The law of diminishing returns is definitely in effect when it comes to my own philosophy about my sketching process. Too much is not a good thing, too little is not a good thing. Just enough is perfect!!


ChatRabbit said...

Kathy- you have touched on a subject that I wrestle with ALL the time...I really have to stop myself from over-neatening a sketch, which really takes the life out of it. That "just right" area is sometimes hard to pin down!

Kathy Weller said...

I know!!! **sigh** I know!!! :)

Glad you can relate!! ... Well, not really GLAD, because I don't wish the conundrum on you... but... well, you know what I mean... :) It's nice that you understand what I'm talkin' about.. :)

Kate said...

Yep, I have discovered recently that that has been a problem of mine. I have been intentionally working more and more in my sketchbook and seeing what "freely flows" instead of working and thinking an idea to death.