Saturday, March 15, 2008

Process... Summer Camp Memories 5

Here is the piece all inked and ready for watercolor. This is a picture from my iphone, not a scan, which explains why it looks so shoddy, but I wanted to show this stage. You will be able to see the ink work better in the final illustration scan!

Once the ink is done and dried, I erase all of the pencil from the paper. Here are some of my tools:
I like to use the nib pens sometimes because they give an interesting, non-uniform line. But I love my Rapidograph pens too, and they have been my number one for so long, I feel like I am cheating on them by mentioning the nibs. The big brush helps with sweeping away eraser bits off a large piece of paper. (My framer sister Julie gave it to me.) I use mechanical pencils, regular wood pencils and also woodless pencils. (I like HB hardness the best.) My favorite eraser is Staedtler white erasers. They are very smooth and kind to my paper while doing a great job removing graphite. My preferred ink is Rapidograph's Ultradraw india ink but I also use Speedball Super Black India Ink. (I have recently had problems with the scanning of the Speedball ink though, so I may stick to my trusty Rapidograph ink for the foreseeable future.)


Diana Evans said...

Hi Kathy...great posts hearing about your process...


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wow kathy!! These are great posts!! I'm loving seeing how you work :o)