Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Bears" by Ruth Krauss

Last week, leaving the grocery store, I noticed a box filled with picture books, donated for local kids who need them. I looked in the in the box, just out of curiosity. Sitting right on top was a book called "Bears" by Ruth Krauss. Wow! My socks were knocked off. Not only do I enjoy Ruth Krauss's wonderful stories and poems and artwork, but this actual book was copyright 1948, and was in pristine condition to boot. I flipped through the book and took photos of the spreads. Oh how I coveted it! But at least I have these pictures. Check them out here.

(Now that I know that box is there, I will contribute and bring a copy of "The Months" to the grocery store, next time I go!)


cata said...

Wow this book is a treasure!
Such a lovely bears.
Thanks for sharing.

Chickengirl said...

ooooh gosh, just checked out the book on your flickr...its so cute, what a find. How tempting to secretly "swap" out the book :-P