Saturday, April 05, 2008

RX: Aisle 2

The 'new thing' in yogurt is (NEWSFLASH! You are *not* going to believe this, but...) it is a digestive aid. Yogurt companies are making a very big deal out of this these days. Like it's new news. If nothing else, I find it entertaining (except for the shameful overpackaging of most of these).

The packages look a lot like they are prescription food, they have funny names (Activia - that could be a car! ...or a line of fitness wear), and then they wrap everything to look like vitamins! The cute little (overpackaged...grumble) bottles for their yogurt look like big vitamins (or like little vitamin bottles, depending on your point of view.) Like a shot of wheatgrass, a B-12 shot: Your daily shot of friendly bacteria... I guess.

Oh well. I love yogurt (but I'll stick with my old stand-by's, thankyouverymuch. )


Gina Perry said...

haha, so true. especially the part about them looking like little vitamin bottles!

Anonymous said...

that is so funny, i never noticed they looked medicinal, but that's true!! i love yogurt, but was unimpressed when i got to try the activia (gratis)...i'll stick with my ol' yogurt standby too, tastes yummy and does what it should! ; ) the gimmicks drive me nutty!!

a : )

nancyrosetta said...

It is so funny that you should point this out.

Scott has completely bought into this, he gets the week pack of the drink DanActive.
I just eat my regular yogurt.