Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pulse Check - "The Mundane" edition

This worked out so well last time, I thought I'd go for it again. Today, it's just about a couple of things that might, by some people, be considered mundane. Boring. Maybe even banal. Like for instance, doing the dishes. But doing the dishes is not on the list. (I don't really mind doing the dishes, though...)

Making Dinner
Making dinner is an awesome treat for me. It's creative, and it's really good meditative time, too. You can't let your mind travel too far or let yourself lose your focus when you are working with a sharp knife. So, it's kind of mental ballet, too! (...but ballet with food!)
We typically get take out several times a week because I work at night most nights, and don't have the time to devote to making meals every night. (Matt cooks dinners too, but I do it a little more often, and I think it is because my take-out tolerance for so-many-nights-in-a-row seems to be lower than his.)
I have been trying to cook meals two nights during the week because I really enjoy cooking, eating food I made, and of course sharing the meals I make! It's really fun times, cooking.
For a long time, I was simply too busy to cook at all (or to do much of anything else, for that matter.) And I really missed it. I now make much more of an effort to make the time to do it (...and to do those other things, too). It's really important to do that kind of stuff - - the everyday stuff that is sometimes considered mundane, but that you really like to do -- and, when you don't have time to do it, you find that you really do miss it.

Adventure-contest Reality TV shows
(Is this one TMI? You can be honest with me.)
I am a total, TOTAL Survivor-head, and have been from Season One. (Passe? P'shaw!!) I have every season available on DVD, and yes, I actually WATCH them (they make for great treadmill viewing). It took the entire first season of the The Amazing Race for it to sink in to the recesses of my brain, but I have been hooked ever since. Fear Factor (RIP)? Check! (Heck, I planned my Monday nights around that gross-out hour!)

Okay, now I know that TV can be somewhat, hmm, how shall I put this... unpopular. Okay, okay! No more nicey-nice -- to some folks, TV is downright depraved! To this I say - you are completely entitled to feel that way. And I totally respect your decision.

Now hand me the remote, and take the phone off the hook. Survivor's on!!


Chickengirl said...

I don't cook as much as I should either. Its got its ups and downs. That dinner sure look good, I am coming over!

Anonymous said...

Well now that looks divine! Can I guess? Salmon with a spinach salad, and potatoes and carrots, scrumtious! Is that dill salmon? I love to cook too, and sadly, don't get to much either! I'm hoping that will change thinking...THINKING...of going back to school...pastry arts...still if you bake sumpthin', I'll put it on my new blog! Don't have a launch date yet though!

a : )