Monday, May 19, 2008

"A Day in the life" meme

I was tagged for this meme last week from Roz (thanks Roz, it was fun to do!) Took me awhile to post it but here she is for your reading pleasure...

7:45 - 7:50 am - My husband Matt usually wakes me up. He's already fed the dogs and let me sleep. (Thanks, Matt. :))

8:30 - I'm out the door to my day job (Sr. Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Sales and Marketing, after showering, hello hugs to the dogs, and making my morning beverage-to-go -- a 32 oz. Nalgene container of homemade starbucks tazo iced green tea latte. (I purchase the starbucks exclusive tazo matcha powder in bulk from ebay. I am addicted - but there are way worse habits one could have - so I treat myself!) I check my e's on my iphone as I'm walking to the T. I can reply to anything pressing once I get there.

9:20 - get to work. check work e's to see what's up for the day.
I design mostly web (and a bit of print) sales and marketing materials for an online media portal, We have our own products we promote (that's the marketing part), plus we also take care of any online advertising sales creative that our advertising clients need (that's the sales part). I keep a 'work' work blog here.

12:00 - lunch time. I use this time to do research on whatever I need to research for my illustration / home business or do any online shopping I need to do (...and, of course, to eat lunch).

1 - 2:30 - sometimes, I'll have a meeting at the Globe. If we are promoting a new product then we (the design dept. at will be involved in the campaign's online counterpart. That would be where I come in!

5:30 - leave work, grab the T home. Sketch on the T, or read. If I'm going to read on the T, I usually try to make the reading "work" for me (SCBWI newsletter, Horn Book, a greeting card catalogue, the Dick Blick catalog, haha, etc.). I really try to optimize this time and make it useful.

6:15 - get to Harvard Square T stop (5 minutes from home). Call Matt, discuss dinner (I'll often pick up take-out for both of us). Also, this is a good time to go to the drugstore / card shop / etc., if I need anything. Band-aids, prescriptions, etc.)

6:45 - 8:00 - Get home. Hi's/hugs/cuddles to dogs, walk the dogs, feed the dogs if Matt hasn't already (he usually has already fed them). I'll typically work out for 45 to an hour, 3 nights during the week. (I don't go to a gym though -- I have a workout room at home). If I'm in the middle of a time-sensitive or otherwise intense project, I skip the workout and go straight to work/dinner/work some more.

8 - 8:30 - eat dinner with Matt and the girls.

8:30 to 11:30/12:30 am. Work on illustration or other projects related to illustration / art business. Whatever I have going on at the time. Could be an illustration project, work on my dummy, updating my web site, pet portraits, or any number of other things. (There is always something.)
If my schedule is loose, a couple of nights a week during this time, I'll also watch TV for an hour with Matt and the doggies.

12:30 - 1:30/2 am - goodnight to the doggies and put them to bed (Matt is on couch with doggies, waiting for me to be ready to go to bed - he is usually sleeping away by this point). Go to bed. Once there, I unwind with whatever recorded TV shows I'm currently keeping up with (Work Out, Top Chef, etc.). I usually bring my sketch pad to bed (and sometimes even use it a little)! I'll also jot stuff down for tomorrow's to do list. (I always seem to remember important things or come up with cool ideas, once I'm in bed.)

Then, it's time to sleep. Finally!!!

(Too much information?? Oh. You're snoring there, aren't you... Guess not. ;) )

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roz said...

Thanks so much for sharing a day with us, Kathy. I can just imagine you on the train, it sounds like such a nice way to commute back and forth to work.
It's so European to me, I guess because I travel a lot by train and bus when I go to England for a visit. I love it and miss it when I'm back in the states.