Monday, July 07, 2008

A barrel of monkeys...

And I'm holding the banana peels! My computer is on standby... in triage. It refuses to wake up from the nice nap it began yesterday. It seems to start... then, zzzzz.

I did all the 101 stuff, to no avail. Now it is on to 201...

I called Apple Care. I, being an extra paranoid non-technical, 18-hour-a-day-computer-needing person, always purchase the three-year Apple Care protection plan every time I get a new machine. I thought about it last time. I'm glad I followed through. If there is anything worse than being in computer triage, it's being alone on a raft in the middle of the Pacific in computer triage. I'm glad I saved myself there.

I will need to boot my computer from the utility on the CD used to install the current operating system I'm running. That is going to have to wait because I do not have that CD with me right now. So until then, we will find out if...

A) My computer just had a little mental splinter and the utility disk works it all out! The End!

B) I have to reinstall my operating system and wipe my hard drive clean as a baby bottom. (Oh well, thank goodness for Time Machine.)

C) My computer was the unexpected extra-special BBQ'd treat at the end of the Independence Day long weekend! ...and it is now a crispy double-fried masterpiece??

Stay tuned for the next episode of the saga of Kathy's computer's monkey infiltration.


ellencrimitrent said...

okay I hear ya which is why I just bought the Ferrari, my new imac 24" 3.06 since my computer was having problems too and I had to spend about 2 hours at the apple store to fix it!!

By the way I just though of something silly while sitting here and maybe you got it allot but hey I am a silly gal, Kathy Weller couldn't be SWELLER!!! He He
just embrace my crazy humor!!

Kathy Weller said...

Hha ha ha ha ... ok Ellen, you made me smile despite my computer E.R.!!

I am currently reinstalling my operating system and wiping my hard drive in the hopes that i can salvage my machine... truth be told though, it's been two years and this could be the beginning of the end... we shall see!!! I better start allotting savings for a new machine. ;) So Imac is treating you well I see!!! A viable option. I wll keep my eye out.