Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Check out this Etsy Treaury -- my Ouija Board print is featured there!
It's on the top line, too - easy to see! :)

Thanks, Alicia!!


Abby Creek Art said...

Congrats on the treasury! Love the Ouiji print!

Hey...would you send me ALL those lovely Ikea items for my new studio?!? Dang it...we don't have an Ikea around here! I know I can order online...but there's nothing quite like wandering around an Ikea store. Ahhhh.

Kathy Weller said...

Yah... I SO agree.... I SO agree.

It was my first (...and, um, second...) times at the actual walk-in store last weekend.

It's like a amusement park for the domestic arts. Crazy!!!!

Linda, it is scary. Scary as in, I will likely be making excuses to go there in the future. Not to mention it is the perfect "mom" activity!! (Besides going to see "Mamma Mia", which we are doing this weekend. ;)

Thanks for the chat and for checkin' in, Linda!!


tusen said...

Congratulations :)
It's a lovely piece.