Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's make some cool stuff.

These are mini-cards with envelopes (not shown)

I originally had tonight slotted for working on one of my children's book dummies. But I found myself inadvertently short on some pieces I need to deliver tomorrow, at the very last minute. I had to do some impromptu making-of-stuff.

I love crafting and making stuff with my artwork. What artist doesn't? But I now remember why I got out of this line of work - specifically, greeting cards. (I used to be a one-person greeting card factory years ago.)

For one thing, it's, like, ALL production work. Production work. With a side dish of production work. Don't forget the dash of a little production work to finish off your last bit of production work.

Secondly, straight --- straight --- straight. *Everything* is straight lines when your trimming paper and making cards, making things forsale, making things "salable". And, you might not know this but I'm SO KNOWN for my straight lines!! As IF!! ;)

In truth, it's always been a challenge for me to draw straight lines free-hand. Yet, I have always stood up to the challenge - to the point of it being an obsession! I've always been very stubborn about it. I just like the look of a hand-drawn straight line better rather than a ruler-straight one. Ruler-straight lines in actual artwork, to me, says *tracing*, and while tracing's a good tool when your tracing your *own* art, tracing stuff that is not your own work is... cheating! Chalk it up to all those years in school when I was really young, and seeing other kids trace and then pass it off as their own work. Bad associations, I guess. Plus, just takes all the fun, the magic, the sweat out of the work.

Thirdly, my fingers are kind of thick for some of the delicate work. But, like wearing galoshes to perform ballet, I soldier on.

All that said, making stuff *is* SOOOOO TOTALLY gratifying! And it's fun. Really fun. I've missed it! I don't have much time for it, these days. Drawing/painting/illustrating is my main thing, and that is where I spend most of my time! That's really what I do, and I could not be happier doing it. But, that said, making stuff is SO much fun in a whole different way. I'd never consider myself a real crafter, but it is not about perfection. It's about exercising different creative muscles and sharing artwork with others, and all the little imperfections that go along with attempting to cut those straight lines, that in the end, make your things more special, unique and interesting. (And crooked.)

A few of my favorite tools (AKA Crafting 101). I'm sort of a crafty luddite! But what I lack in skill, I make up for in longevity. I've been pulling out the craftyness since I was a kid, and I'm... um... older than you. :)

Xyron 510
Makes anything a sticker. Magic. You can also make magnets, or laminate things with this machine. I got mine on Ebay for $20, which even included one sticker cartridge.

Bone Folder
Bone folders ROCK!!! I've not been without one since I was enlightened, my first year in college. Bone folder, where had you been all my life? No matter now, you are always with me, oh fine folding friend.

Rotary Trimmer
In other words, a paper cutter. Where would I be without this? I'm a lefty, and I don't know about any other lefties in the house, but I can't cut a straight line with scissors to save my life. Using my cutter makes me feel cool and smart after a life time of cursing scissors. (And don't be fooled,lefties. Those "left-handed" scissors are a racket.)
I know. It's just a cutter. But LOOK at the power it wields!!

Have fun! Go make stuff!


ellencrimitrent said...

you go girl you little creator!! I have a Xyron too the kids love making magnets and when I need a sticker that a company did not make I use it too!

Love them!

Ginger*:)* said...

I have had my NNNNNNNNNew Bone folder for over 4 years and I would consider it one of my most important tools, right next to the Falcon/Marshall cutter that I use. It is now made by Falcon only, but my older version is so much better!

Your creations are joyous and it shows that you loved the process as much as everyone else will love the outcome.
Three cheers for the Engergizer Kathy Bunny!

natalia said...

hi katty, this is beautiful!:)i've been workin in hand craft too, this is great!

Lisa M Griffin said...

These look great and so lovely all packaged up with ribbon and tags. Thanks for sharing.