Thursday, July 17, 2008

Space limitations

I've become frustrated with the limitations of my workspace. I have a serious lack of counter space, and my storage for many things is just not functioning well and really needs improvement.

Tomorrow, I am going to Ikea to address some of these issues! I've got all of my measurements written down, a tape measure, and a list of specific storage needs. I've checked the web site to suss out some ideas and I'll see what they have for me to work with. I am really excited!

Here's a few things I'm thinking about:

"Alex" Flat Files
(economical solution for 18 x 24 paper. This should fit in my closet.)

"Skubb" organizer
(I think this would be good for crafty stuff like ribbon and glue sticks, and it can squeeze in a small space)
"Antonius" drawer system (good for sketches etc. and it looks light and easy to assemble)
"Fira" three-drawer mini-chest (more paper storage -- these are about 10 x 14 and will fit on the utility shelf I already have )
"Gorm" basic unit (this will fit aside the Antonius drawer system. My only hesitation with this is that it only has two shelves, not counting the ground floor. I would have to rearrange things and then buy a lot of storage to go on the shelves in order to make it work for me.)
If you have any of the above, I'd love your review of the item. thanks!!


ellencrimitrent said...

space is not my problem its having nice storage and making my furniture cohesive!! Anyway I just gave you an award!! Enjoy the sunshine!!

Ginger*:)* said...

I would love to have "Alex" in my studio, but instead I made room for a new drawing table next to the computer. As a TRADIGITAL illustrator I need those two items in order to work. But if I could find a place for "Alex" I would bring him home!

Good luck with your hunt and seek and purchases and keep us up to date.

ChatRabbit said...

We have 2 of the Alex flat files's a genius product! I can think of 3 other artists who saw them here in our studio who then bought them at Ikea. The only downside is assembly...lots of parts!

Tom Barrett said...

Here's to conquering the storage monster.

My thing is having a proper place to draw!

Kathy Weller said...

Tom, I hear you!! My drawing table is pretty much the only "workspace" I have -- the rest is storage/organizational.

when I am working on a project that requires lots of table space, I take over the adjoining dinning room. :)

Tom, I wish you a BIG BIG drawing table (with the space to put it somewhere!!) with lots of places for erasers and pencils too. :)

Kathy Weller said...

Hey Liz!!
I bought the Alex!! I really appreciate your input on it! I am SO GLAD you give it the thumbs up! That's great news. I saw in the size specs that the drawer sizes are not exactly 18 x 24, it says tey are a little bt smaller , 16.5 x 23" or around there. I am still hoping I can fit 18 x 24 papers in there comfortably, but honestly, for $120.00, I can't really complain too much and I'll make do with it! :)

Gina Perry said...

I missed you by a few days at IKEA. I had to pick up lots of cheap picture frames for an exhibit. I have the FIRA but in a different format (6 drawers). I covered the drawer fronts in scrapbooking paper and it makes me happy to see it. I might have to check out that flat file next time I go there. My desk, bookcase, and taboret are also IKEA and I couldn't be happier. I hope your renovations made your workspace feel happy again!

Paula Winicur said...

I don't have any of those, but I do have a nice storage unit from The Container Store. It's on wheels and fits in my closet and holds a lot of my art stuff. Plus it has a hard top which I keep a self-healing cutting board on so it's a workspace too.

Would love to see pictures of your space however you decide to fix it up!