Sunday, July 27, 2008

Studio update 7/27/08

We are getting there! I think things are just going to officially be a "work in progress" from here on in. There are things that would be ideal to change, but that I simply cannot change about my space right now -- fundamental usable-workspace things, not talking 'bout cosmetic things -- but the room is in as good of a shape as it is likely to get for a little while, and I am really happy with it right now. Big change from two weeks ago.

The biggest thing for me is that I have some 'breathing room'. What I mean by that is that there isn't something shoved into every single square inch of space so much so that there is a lack of air-flow under, around, behind furniture. Argh, was I feeling claustrophobic before! I was trying to continue to function in an environment that I had organizationally totally grown out of. So I was putting stuff with other stuff that it didn't belong with. Now, I freely admit to not being Neat Nelly. But I'm not the most *disorganized* person in the world either. (I do just fine, when I have the space and the system down.) My issue was that my storage and organizational system had become totally insufficient, and it was suffocating me. (Like The Blob. Ever see The Blob? Yah, it was JUST LIKE The Blob!!) I'm so glad I dropped everything to do something about it. I really don't feel like I had a choice, to be honest.

There is one piece of furniture I have not built yet -- it will go in the closet on top of the flat files, but right now, it is sitting unassembled, in a box. And it will have to stay there until I have the time to build it, and also until my muscle soreness subsides from screwing all of the pieces of the Alex flat files together the other day. (Alex really bit back!)

I posted some new pictures on my Flickr. If you check 'em out, please keep in mind that, as much as I have been talking on and on ad nauseum about my "big redo", I will be the first to admit that my room is NOT a palace!! Far from it!! I'm just a chick with limited resources trying to make the best of my *BELOVED* but little studio space with the least amount of downtime (translation: no painting, and minimal other cosmetic enhancements: I changed the curtains. Big Wow). My furniture doesn't match, my ceilings are kind of peely, nails in the walls are a total gamble, but it is my space for my creative work, and I am so very grateful to have it!!!! I make it work for me. So far, so good! :)

I want to post some notes on all of my photos on my Flickr, but I can't do it right now -- so check back on my Flickr photostream in a few days if you'd like to read what is in every nook and cranny of my studio. (I like sharing the details with you!)

The COOL thing is that NOW, EVERYTHING has a place. WHEW!! It is a GOOD feeling. :)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi kathy!
how absolutely wonderful! i am so excited for you and everything you did looks great! ikea and organizing are my two favorite things. your studio looks wonderful, inspiring and organized!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Kathy....

Just popping in to say hello...and also let you know that I added your book to my top picks on

here is the link...'Round%20by%20Sara%20Coleridge

I am an expert on the site under Children's Books and have a book corner there....I also do reviews and articles...

have a great day!!!