Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank you, Etsians!!!

What a fun surprise it was tonight, to find out that I received about 30 shop "hearts" in the space of one day (July 30) to my Etsy shop! WOW! Makes me wonder where one of my offerings was posted or promoted! It is a mystery to me. Was it on Etsy's home page, I wonder? I don't know... but if you do, would you please let me know (pretty please pretty please pretty please)? I'm vewy vewy curious!! Thanks!

Apparently, it's this little kitty who caused all the ruckus! :)
Kitty Librarian OOAK ACEO on Etsy

Thanks everyone who visits my blog, and to all the fabulous Etsians in the universe for all of your great support!!! :) :)


ellencrimitrent said...

congrads!! I have to get my shop up soon, its just finding the time to do all the photos, but I will!!

By the way yesterday was my 100th post and I am doing a giveaway!!

p.s send me your address for something I am doing next week!!

ChatRabbit said...

Kathy- that's great! I realized that I was on the etsy homepage recently and the hits jumped up's hard to know exactly where your item was shown, but it's fun watching all the new viewers rack up!

Dada's place said...

Your little kitty is absolutely adorable. I LOVE him (or her?) And he reads very interesting books...

kim said...

I think I was channeling you this week for my illustration friday post :)

Anonymous said...

i have got to get over to your shoppe!! congrats on all the lil' hearts, but you deserve 'em!

a : )