Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Up-to-the-minute Monkey Business Update!!

My computer is now with the Apple folks at the Apple store. They are replacing my hard drive and whatever else needs replacing. I should have it back in about four days. Four long, painful days. I'm just kidding. Isn't that great?? Because I use Time Machine backups, and I also generally work off another external for active work, I have lost no data. HALLELULIAH! or MAZEL TOV! Or any good happy celebratory thing to scream!

So, yes... I will lose some good solid work time this week, plus some focus -- not having my own "home base", I probably won't go through the saga of hooking up my Wacom Cintiq, plus just the creature comforts of having my machine "my way". (I'm on my husband's computer -- I'm using it in the interim - THANKS, MATT!). But -- no work lost. That is a BIG DEAL. I KNOW how lucky I am to have not suffered data loss!! :)

Times like this, I am glad I have a flair for overkill....I can't complain a bit about my overkill system for backing up... Except, wait a minute... I *could* use one more external, to back up the external I actively work off of... ;)


Anonymous said...

What's Time Machine? I have an external, I should get another though!! Your little bears are too presh!! Thanks so much for the article. I'll email ya!

a : )

Kathy Weller said...

Hi Andi!
Time Machine is a tool integrated in Mac OS X. It backs up your entire hard drive to the external you set for it, constantly -- at certain intervals.