Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yah!! Computer's back!! ...And, what's up this week!!

Time Machine worked like a charm. It's super awesome. I am so glad I use it.

(Hey Mac users, it WORKS!)

Ok... so back to business now. Got lots of stuff going on this week.

• Finish up Henry's portrait (worked on it tonight -- almost there - it looks fantastic I have to say - if I MAY say :) :) you'll see it soon - I took pics on my iphone but for some odd reason, iphoto's not talking to my iphone right now and it's too late to figure it out right now for posting tonight.)

• Finish and deliver my work on a really cool project I'm involved in, put together by Jill Beninato, a pet portraitist photographer. (Check out her blog to see her beautiful photos and some vibrant, surreal pet art made from her photographs). WAIT til you hear about this project!!!! It's the coolest thing. Really. But I don't want to be the one to let the proverbial "cat outta the bag" yet - I'll save that for Jill!! But you WILL hear more from me about this, in the coming weeks. I promise.

• Continue and finish work on my first children's book dummy, create two copies and deliver them. this dummy is something I referenced in a post months ago. ACK - I can't find the blog post where I referenced it (sorry!) I was talking about a very special project that I was working on, but I didn't mention what it was. I was being very secretive about it!! ;)

• Continue work on developing my "babies" style!! Fun -- super fun -- I love where I am going with this - sort of unexpected but it's working for me - you will see some stuff here in the next few weeks.

• Complete and mail out items for inclusion in August's Pika Package Project. I have been invited to be an Pikaland artist for the month of August! Wahoo! (What is this Pika thing? Read about it here.) It's fun, inspired, pro-creativity, pro-independent arts, and, I must add that it is very, very viral (in the good way - the web marketing way - not in the sick way). I am really excited about this- what's not to love. And check out the Pikaland blog too. And Flickr. And look - you can buy Pika's packages of the month too (but quantities are very, very limited). Cool stuff.

Anyway, that is the short list... Enjoy your week!!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi kathy!
what a great week you have lined up! how exciting to be a part of the pika package project. thank you so much for the link. i signed up for their newsletter.
:) melissa

Kathy Weller said...

Cool!! :)
Melissa you totally should submit to them - I can see your pug notes cards being a part of a package -- or perhaps your great wood-blocky style gift tags! It's a really fun way to get your work a larger audience and to get some buzz!! :)
HEY -- I mailed out your cards on Monday -- please let me know when you receive them!! :)

Take care!!!