Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spore's ad campaign is beautiful has an absolutely amazing ad campaign going on right now in my neighborhood "T" station (the "T" is short for public transportation in greater Boston). Anyway, I took a bunch of photos - see them here of the "Station Domination", and they were picked up by AOL Game Daily web site for editorial use to compliment this story about the Spore campaigns in different cities. Pretty awesome!

Funny thing, the company who actually makes the game Spore apparently found my photos of the Station Domination on Flickr, where I posted all the shots. It's amazing how far-reaching tools like Flickr are. I didn't even tag the photos (though Spore is in the titles).

Anyway, this looks like the type of campaign that probably wins awards. But even more impressive, the ads seem to be crafted so specifically, so purposefully, FOR an MBTA train station. Every detail, big and small, works in concert with the T.

The lighting. The colors of the art are very bright, saturated and deep, flat and matte. Works very well in the huge space of oddly-lit alternating areas of flourescent light-and-shadows) and works independent of the odd color combos of the station (deep red, light beigey and cement)

The distance. The art is very bold yet very interesting to look at from a distance AND up close. ALso, the images are BOLD, yet also hold interesting, articulated details. These details hold up in close proximity and also at a distance.

The repeat factor. People come through here every day and when repeating ad copy and images ARE used, they are very, very well-disguised. The casual observer may never see the same thing twice -- or at least won't know that they did.

The ad campaign was done by the agency Weiden + Kennedy.

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