Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is Axel!

Axel is a sweet little chihuahua. (His brother happens to be Henry, a dog whose portrait I completed this summer.) Axel is a really adorable little black chi, very sweet, very gentle little doggie - a much different personality than his spitfire brother Henry (although Henry is also sweet and adorable as well, of course). Axel's portrait will reflect his own uniqueness!

Axel's mom really liked the portrait layouts I did for both Pixel and Buster the Cow-Dog's portraits. She envisioned something similar for Axel. Both Pixel and Buster's portraits have a more unconventional layout than I typically use, so it is always fun and a good challenge to do something different.

This sketch integrates Axel's signature pattern (leopard print), and some of his favorite snacks (green beans, broccoli, Greenies, popcorn and corn). The flowers and other decorative elements are pretty, reflect Axel's mom's style as well as my art style too, and they tie everything in together very nicely.

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Rebecca said...

Great sketch. This will be a lovely portrait. Love this dog's name... Mr. Axel would fit in great around here with our own Pixel & Ajax ... . Dan has a fondness for names that start with "A". For some reason with our last group of pups we went for the extra scrabble points throwing in the "X".