Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Want to shop locally this holiday season?

So many great reasons to do your holiday shopping locally...

1) Keep your dollars in your own state/city/town (especially when they seem to need them the most)! 'Recycling' that money this way is very beneficial to your own community.

2) Support your local laborers/tradespeople/artisans/crafters!

3) More and more artists are using recycled materials, less packaging and/or recycled packaging. Besides that, saving on all the travel, packaging, processing of your gifts certainly adds up to a MUCH smaller carbon footprint as well!

What other reasons can you add to this list? Feel free to leave your reason in the comments.

Here is a list of local (Boston area) handmade indie artists arts and crafts holiday shops!

Prudential Center Artisan Market
at the Prudential Center, Boston
800 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02199

Boston Handmade Downtown Crossing
505 Washington Street - Boston, MA 02111
in the heart of Downtown Crossing
Open November 28 - December 28
Thursdays through Sundays, 11am - 7pm
(I have stuff here too!)

Design Hive
The Design Hive is open every
Saturday from 10am - 5pm
starting Nov 1st
28 Sacramento St.
Cambridge, MA

Fort Point Channel Holiday Sale
Two Locations:
*249 A STREET POTTERY STUDIO (fifth floor)
*MADE IN FORT POINT: THE FPAC STORE, 12 Farnsworth Street, Boston
Friday, Dec.5th, 12-7
Saturday & Sunday, Dec.6th & 7th, 11-5
(FPAC Store will also be open year-round)

Cambridge Center for Adult Education
42 Brattle Street, Harvard Square
Saturday, Dec. 13th, 10 - 5:30
Sunday, Dec. 14th, noon - 5

Harvard Square Holiday Fairs
First Parish Unitarian Church
Corner Church St and Mass. Ave
Cambridge MA 02138
Saturday and Sunday til 12/17
12/18 - 12/23: every day

There is more of these local Boston-area artists fairs, but this is all I got. If you can add to the list, please leave message in the comments! Thanks! Feel free to mention any other holiday art fairs too!


carol eldridge said...

hi kathy-

wow you really took the plunge..hope it goes well for you. I would like more info on the Boston Homemade so I can just go and check it out...



carol eldridge said...

PS. I am not being lazy, the link doesn't seem to work~!

Kathy Weller said...

Carol, I'm sorry about the broken link, I fixed it.
As for the shop, originally, I decided against doing it when I was told about it. But I had a gut feeling to do it... so I went with it. Now I have lots of cute little pins, and I hope they are well-received! :)

Welcome back!! Hope your trip was great!!