Friday, January 09, 2009

Pet Portrait Story in Boston Globe

The other day, the Boston Globe printed a story on local pet portrait artists. You can read it here.
Dog aficionado Brian Henderson, who runs the local Boston dog lovers' site DogBoston, was quoted several times in the story! It was nice to read the article and hear from someone I 'know'!
Anyway, he in turn posted about the story on HIS blog, but he ALSO gave me a little plug as well on his blog adjunct to the story, which was really nice of him. You can see/read it here.

In Pet Portrait News, I'mstarting work on TWO pet portraits. The first one features two ADORABLE Brussels Griffon doggies. Boy is this one going to be cute. Wait til you see these guys...

The second one is going to be really different -- I'll tell you why... It features two beautiful long-haired kitties, which is not out of the norm, BUT! It also will feature... drumroll... a HEDGEHOG! My first hedgehog! This will be exciting.

So please check back for portrait progress. I'll be starting these momentarily...

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Rebecca said...

Great news article. A Hedge hog! How cool. My old assistant Allison had a hedgehog growing up. I know you will have fun playing with that portrait!