Sunday, January 11, 2009

Share your advice and be entered in a drawing for an ACEO archival glossy print

I just posted my first of what I am sure will be at least a few progress reports on one of my latest pet portraits. You can see it here, on my pet portrait blog.

HERE'S MY DILEMMA....I need your help...

I am considering merging my two blogs. One is dedicated to my pet portrait life, the other is dedicated to my children's illustration and other artistic pursuits life. It's tricky. Since I'm trying to simplify my life, the idea of merging the blogs seems like a no-brainer. The sticking point: each blog is pretty specific to its own subject matter. This one is admittedly looser and more flexible, but still pretty well focused on children's art... and, my pet portrait blog is really all about pet portraits and all the things and involved in that world. I like to have the pet portrait blog separate, because I can more easily share links to other pet portrait artists and to the pet lovers' community at large. If I merge blogs, the link list will be edited and then merged with the link list I have here. (That may be just too "when worlds collide" for me). But, on the other hand, merging the blogs could help in some ways. It will broaden my audience on both fronts, by default. But, flip-side: will it turn people off who are only interested in one thing or the other? You tell me!

Please leave a comment with your thoughts. I'll collect all of your names until midnight, Saturday January 17. Then I will do a drawing for an archival Artist Card glossy print of the above illustration Kitty Librarian! The drawing will be held on Sunday, January 18th.

Don't hold back -- I'd love to hear what you think. The good and the bad. Honesty is welcome - please share.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi kathy!
my first thought is the reason it feels like a dilema is because there is not one right answer. :)

when you created both blogs, it sounds like you had specific reasons that still make sense to you. do you want to merge them because it is hard to update both or has one stopped serving a purpose? if so, i would merge them. but if one of them is something you feel is a tool to your business, i would keep them both.

personally, i have 3 blogs, my main art and pug blog where i share more of who i am on blogspot. this is the one i feel is really my blog where i connect to people.

my dog art studio and pug notes exciting news boards that are on wordpress are only news on shows and new painting/product announcements.

i find all of them important for the reasons why i created them.

i think having them clearly structured makes it simple in my maintence of each one. if i felt they overlapped too much or were a pain to keep fresh and updated, i would downsize.

i hope that makes sense. :)

:) melissa

Kathy Weller said...

Wow, Melissa, you've given me a lot to think about. thanks so much for your excellent insights. I will use these questions as I delve more into my "dilemma". Thanks!!

Rebecca said...

Interesting...hmmm. As a reader I would like to see them merged. I never remember to check in with your illustration blog and when I do I enjoy it so much but I also feel cheated as you seem to update it more often than the pet portrait blog. I also feel like you are separating your friends, and we do this in the real world so I can see where it may makes sense, but you are also preventing people from meeting that may really click.
Oh, and before you decide do think about the real problem of dead blog-roll links that will need updating by your buddies. I will change mine to go to the one you pick, but only because you will be asking now and not in Dec. when life is crazy.

roz said...

I'm all for simplicity, Kathy.
I'd merge the two groups and see how it goes. If it isn't working out for you, you can always separate them again.

Ginger*:)* said...

I like both your blogs and visit when I can. The idea of simplifying right now is genius! I consider this myself on an every other day basis....and will most likely follow your lead. Winston the Wonderhound has been quite void of new posts since I placed him on his own blog. Hmmmmmm......

This Kitty is adorable. I love the books that were chosen and wonder if there might be more volumes on the shelves that your character might enjoy. Personally one of my favorites, if I were a cat would be Grimms Fairy Tails.

Gina Perry said...

I'm also going to vote for simplicity and merging of the blogs. As more of a reader of your children's illo blog, I'm not turned off at all by the pet portraiture. I find it fun to see the different ways you explore your artistic interests. If your other blog were say, a cooking blog, I'd be inclined to keep them separate but since they are somewhat related I think you very well may gain some readers with a merge. I do see how the links may need to get pared down, but hopefully you can do that and not feel too bad about leaving anyone out - or is there a widget to rotate links from a larger list perhaps????

paula said...

I didn't realize you had a separate blog for your pet portraits (which I love, btw), so that says something for merging them. As I was reading your post, I was thinking that consolidating your blogs yet keeping your endeavors distinct shouldn't be a problem. I think it would be jut a matter of getting used to. My blog has diverse usages under the one umbrella. I have created categories for my sketching as well as break down my illustration work to some degree. You could do that with your blog, creating a category for "pet portaits" and perhaps label the post itself so it's obvious. I think once you wrap your head around doing it, you'll be okay with it. And of course as Roz said, try it. If it doesn't work for you, go back to two blogs. Now that's sensible. : )

Moira said...

Hi Kathy - First I was going to say keep them separate, but reading your comments made me change my mind. I think that is the answer. Listen to your readers.

You also have the opportunity to try it for a month or so before doing a complete merge and see how it feels.

I have two blogs, Dog Art Today and The Obama Dog Blog, because some of my Republican readers did NOT want to hear about Obama. My readers definitely decided the dilemma for me.


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Kathy...I know your dilemma since my work is very diverse.

My first reaction would be to merge the two. Even though they are two separate KNOW it's a "Kathy Weller" when you see your work. I also think you will gain a larger audience if you have one blog and update it more often.

I know these are hard decisions...but go with your gut and see what happens. You can always go back if it's not working for you.

Hope that helps!xox

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

I don't think it would be bad to merge them. In the interest of paring down, I don't think it would hurt you. If you are attached to both blogs, keeping them both is fine too (it's a win-win situation), but if not maybe you should try the merge. You can always go back!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I've got 3 blogs and really only one I update regularly so my plan is to merge them..actually to merge them and my website as one entity in wordpress or the like. (the other 2 blogs are pet portraits and design & illustration).So I am in a merging state of mind... :)

ValGalArt said...

I have two separate blogs, one I can post whatever I feel like called Valerie Gallerie and one for Illustration Friday. I like having the two separate parts of myself so that I have freedom and Valerie Gallerie houses my website too. So it comes up in searches illustrations for houses and homes. I hope this helps Kathy.

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Kathy,
I had this problem when I had two separate websites. I do mosaics and mixed media paintings. I had both going for awhile but I decided that merging them would make my life easier.
My blog talks about all the art I produce. I don't think it's confusing for anyone and it actually adds a little variety. I personally don't think I could maintain another blog.
Good luck!!

Kathy Weller said...

Rebecca! Thanks for the comment about feeling cheated. I appreciate that you said that because I've always wondered about that - - if my pet portrait folks would cross over into my other blog, etc. I think it can be hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes -- look at things objectively -- they are BOTH art blogs. It's not a cooking blog and a zoology blog we are talking about here. Thanks for the reality check.
PS the note on making sure people change their blog roll URL on their blog, for my NEW blog URL is, well, priceless! THANKS.

Kathy Weller said...

Roz, duly noted. You are right, I can always switch back. Not sure how I would do that, though - I guess I would keep the pet portrait blog live, but just have a post directing to my new blog, until I decide for sure.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Kathy I think you can very much merge both blogs into one.

The reason is your pet portraits are so your style anyway. I love to see your art. I am sure other will too. They really go hand in hand. I don't see how people can be turned off by one or the other as they are clearly beautiful, whimsical, fun and your definite style.

I would have only one. I'm sure both audiences will love to see a more complete blog now. I would make sure and separate very clearly the links related to pets and the one related to children's Illustration.

If we were talking about websites, then that is a whole different thing. Websites should be concise, clear as to what you want to market and have publishers or pet clients know "quickly" before they hit that "back" button on the keyboard what it is that you do and offer. But for blogs is more like "hey, this is what I do, come on in, take off your shoes have some tea and lets talk..." you can perfectly well "talk" about children's art and pet's portraits at the same time , right? ;So I say go for it. :o)

Anonymous said...

Kathy-I think you should merge the two. I'm a retired elementary school teacher and
I have read both your blogs. They are both of interest to me.
Most people who like pets like children even if they have none of their own.
Simple is best. Try merging them and if it doesn't seem to work you
can always try the separate blog again. Right?
-Shelley { delighted owner of 2 of your pet portraits ]

Anonymous said...

Well I think it sounds like a great idea. Simplicity is always great and it is all your art. You can just leave the other blog open with a link to this blog. That way you can try it out and if you don't like it you can always go back. I love that kitty too. The book titles are genius!

Amy C. Moreno said...

so much wonderful advice. I agree on merging them. People will be able to view all of your work in one place, saves time..since you don't have to scoot from blog to blog to manage them, you can add all the links in one place, thereby also allowing more people to see things they wouldn't see on one (cross pollination type thing). Your work is fantastic. I just posted the blog on facebook.

Kathy Weller said...

Amy, WOW, thanks SO MUCH!!!

Sherry -- It is so good to hear from you!!! Thank you for your thoughts and also for the nice words about Kitty Librarian!! :)

ellencrimitrent said...

humm couldn't you merge them and put a picture on the side you click on that brings you to the pet page in which you have all your info. What do I know I am computer challenged!!

Kathy Weller said...

Moira, I love that you have the Obama Dog Blog. I'm going to go read it!!