Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky Friday the 13th Giveaway!

TODAY is lucky Friday the 13th!

To celebrate, I'm giving away an art print! Enter into a drawing to win an archival signed print of Lucky Cats. Leave a post here and/or FOLLOW ME on Twitter and reply to me (@wellerwishes), telling me what your FAVORITE LUCKY CHARM is!!!

I will do the drawing tomorrow! Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

my favorite lucky charms are my traveling companions. in dec 2000, traveling from san fran to la, we stopped at anderson's for the best pea soup ever. there, jen bought the whole crew little stuffed puppies, small enough to fit into the palm of our hands. my green puppy is named puddles (which i'm not quite sure how it got that name). when she travels with me, she is accompanied by inky, a small, black, fluffy spider, also the size of my palm. they live in my courier bag, waiting for their next big adventure.

barbara white

Rebecca said...

my favorite lucky charm is a rock I found with a hole in it.

BJ Lantz said...

I have a jade fish on a leather cord I wear as a necklace and always get compliments on it. My mother bought it in Hong Kong and my brother made the necklace out of it (and had to hand it over to me, much to his dismay :-) Anyway, hubby & I have always called it my lucky fish because during the time that I wore it the most often we had a string of lucky things go our way even when they shouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

I have a hand painted tin 'angel' of Frida Kahlo hanging on the wall next to my computer (her wings are hands)...and a little wood block with an angel hanging over my computer..I could go on - - are they charms? i think so.

Abby Creek Art said...

My favorite lucky charm is my dog, Maisie!

Shel said...

My lucky charm is actually a charm: it's a faith, hope, love charm my father bought me when I was 13. I think it's brought me luck all these years and I carry it on my keychain.

shel704 at aol dot com

rachel tyler said...

What a wonderful print to offer! My favorite lucky charm.. I've never really given that any thought and now that I think about it..I don't have anything that I consider to me "my lucky charm". I've just always considered myself in general to be very lucky and things have just always seemed to work out for me and go my way. I think my positive attitude and energy is my "lucky charm" of sorts..although it isn't a physical thing..

Anonymous said...

Kathy, what a wonderful thing to do!! I don't know that I have a lucky charm, but, good things seem to happen when I'm out with my kiddies...and seem to happen in, I might find a fiver in a purse that i hadn't used in a while, and Owen might come home with a free pizza coupon from school, and then I might get a great assignment, all in the same day! Those are good days! And usually Thursdays!

a : )

thirteenthstory said...

My lucky charm is my ring. I had it custom made for me five years ago, its engraved on the inside with something very special to m, and it is a constant reminder of who I am. However, I have lost it several times over the years and it always always shows back up. It knows I need it!

Jaye / thirteenthstory

Roy Blumenthal said...

Wow, Kathy! Discovered your Twitter acc through your 'Just Tweet-It' listing.

Your work's an absolute delight!

My fave lucky charm isn't really 'lucky', nor a 'charm'.

I carry a li'l black Moleskine around with me wherever I go (yes... even the beach), along with a Bic gel pen.

Whenever I have ideas or things I want to research, out comes the book.

Here's wishing you an awesome Valentine's day!

Blue skies

Kathy Weller said...

I did the drawing for the winner of the print!!
I took colored pencils and assigned each person a color. Then, I closed my eyes, mixed them up, and picked one.

B J Lantz (light orange) won the Lucky Cats print! Congratulations, B J !!

Thanks everyone for taking part!

Roy Blumenthal said...

Wahahahahah! What an excellent way to give away a piece of art! Using the tools of the trade!

Thanks for the draw, Kathy!