Sunday, July 12, 2009

More from the show

Rare! A photo of me sans glasses!

In yesterday's post, I forgot to mention one crucial detail about the show yesterday: the wind was trying to whoosh away my merchandise at every opportunity!! I thought for sure I would have a nervous breakdown ;).

View from my ''runaway display' protection perch

I was constantly preoccupied with protecting my displays from runaway products, just like a mom protects her child in the passengers' seat of the car, from a hard stop. To the rest of the world, I'm sure I looked pretty funny, which I can live with (I am all about entertainment value, anyway).

View of Christine O'Brien booth and art display (left). What a beautiful sight. Chromalab's booth of crisp, delightfully designed clocks and refurbished objects for home (right).

Anyway, as such, I was fairly tethered to my booth and was unable to visit many of the other exhibitors. I did have the opportunity to visit with my immediate neighbors for very brief spurts. That was nice especially because there are some Boston Handmade members which I was either looking forward to meeting for the first time (the duo at Chomalab) or perhaps I had met before once, but only fleetingly (Christine O'Brien). I also got to meet the woman behind Little Wishes jewelry. I wish I snapped some photos of her beautiful gossamer display and gorgeous jewelry! Oh well -- next time!

More of my neighbors' booth displays

My sister and tent-mate Nancy NancyRosetta)

A NancyRosetta display -- I love these!!

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Loni Edwards said...

Very cool! I like the necklaces too! I wish my sisters lived closer so we could do that! Fun!