Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful day aboard the Carol Ann

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of spending the day with my friend, art licensing superstar and all-around great lady Carol Eldridge!  Carol and her hubby Kenny (a.k.a. The Captain) hosted me in their beautiful town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Carol took me to a delicious lunch at the boat club. I ordered what she ordered. Hey, I'm no copycat, but I know that Carol knows what's good there! Lobster salad and boy it was delicious. Then a mini sundae for dessert. Perfectly cute and tasty.

Then we got to go onto the water! Though I live in Cambridge which is also town on the water, and I live in Massachusetts which is a state laden with beaches, I rarely get to the beach myself. I'll be the first person to admit that I need to step back and smell the roses once in awhile - in fact I can't remember the last time that I actually went to the beach. And loving the ocean as I do, well that is just a shame. So this was a gigantic treat for me.

We boarded the Carol Ann, which is the Eldridge's beautiful boat. Captain Kenny was commandeering the boat when we arrived. Being on a boat really forces you to relax, and the Carol Ann is such a nice and comfy cozy, classic, lobster-type boat. I love the style of it.

Boating is truly a lifestyle for the Eldridges. I can definitely see the draw. I think it just permeates your whole attitude about life, and everything in it, in a positive way. I can see how boating could go from a hobby to a serious lifestyle in no time flat. One minute, you could be taking sailing lessons, and the next minute, you could be shopping for your own boat and looking into local boat clubs! Seriously. It's just a wonderful feeling to be on a boat and so relaxed, spending time in the sun, on the water, with great company, and the gentle breezes and boat rocking, the birds flying around, the scenery, and all the other boaters sailing by. It is truly a poetic experience and I highly recommend it! Thanks, Carol and Kenny!!


carol eldridge said...

Welcome aboard anytime! We loved having you visit us. Now you know why we love being out on the boat so much...the scenery, the classic lines of the boat, the cozy comfort it provides...just being in the sunshine and fresh air, the ocean breezes blowing, the salt air...just a wonderful relaxing way to spend a day.

glad you had fun,



Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi kathy!

oh what a wonderful day! your photos are amazing!

DeShawn Marie said...

Hey Kathy! What a nice post, beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

BJ Lantz said...

I will be visiting the Eldridges in mid-Spetember and have been promised a trip out on the Carol Ann as well and can't wait! And yes! Boating is a lifestyle. We just got back from a four day trip aboard Adios, our 30' sailboat. I'll get some pics on the blog sometime this week, when I dig out from under!