Sunday, August 02, 2009

SOWA Sunday

Today was my first time vending at South End Open Market. It was a nice breezy day, overcast for most of the time but not a serious threat of rain until the very end. And even then, it didn't rain. (Lucky!)

My commute to the site was, how can I put this ... eventful! On Friday, Nancy drove to my house so we could load up her vehicle with my equipment and goods, to make Sunday morning easier.It would have been a hassle for her to have to pick me up at home on Sunday morning because we have to be there very early. Instead, we loaded up my stuff in her car on Friday night, and I would take the T in on Sunday morning, meet her and set up. We wanted to set up a workable plan early on since we will be doing more shows together.

There are several ways to commute to SOWA via public transportation,so I picked the one that I thought would work best for me and made my plan. Live and learn: I had two wrong turns during the waking portion of my commute and they cumulatively set me back 30 some-odd minutes or so. Live and learn! (Since I live in the city, I have the luxury of choosing between a few of the routes. I have now chosen a route which I think will prove easier for my travel next time!) Got there in one piece, happy to report, with plenty of time to set up.

There is way more to share with you about my maiden voyage here at South End Open Market. For one thing, I would like to introduce some of my neighbors. But for now, Im tired and looking forward to relaxing for the remainder of the evening. I will be sharing many more photos from today's show very soon. Please stay tuned!


Loni Edwards said...

I am thinking of doing something like this. Your booth has inspired me. What a great, fun avenue to take your work down. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

kim said...

aren't you and your booth cute cute cute! and those buttons: great idea; yes!