Sunday, September 20, 2009

Custom Art Framing and Gallery 9

Above photo of Guinness at the Circus artfully matted and framed by Julie

My sister Julie and Nick, her husband, co-own a frame shop and gallery in Norwood, Massachusetts. Early this summer, she and Nick relocated to a larger space— a standalone building which also accommodates Nick's other business, Band Gig. The building at 45 Central Street in Norwood, MA is now a one-stop shopping arts emporium! I had been unable to visit their new digs until yesterday, when I took some snaps to share with you...

The bathroom walls are filled with photos of our family and Nick's family. It's really something to see, everything is framed and matted beautifully. (I'd never seen matts cut so artfully until I saw Julie's style, way back when.) Some of the matts are really uniquely cut and compliment the photos so nicely.

I love to look at the variety of frames they have to choose from The designs are fantastic and are very creatively inspiring! This is just a tiny sampling too. They even have sequined frames ( I love those).

The shop is full of quality goods and these frames are the bargain of the year. The frames on the above shelving unit are all made in-house, with gorgeous frames and matts and are ridiculously priced. Seriously I was a little surprised because under $20 for the quality and craftsmanship you get - you won't find this type of a deal anywhere else that's for sure.

The mattes on the left two bottom row frames are very expensive and very gorgeous. I know this because I use the velvet/suede matts in most of my own framing!

I love how each frame is named after the person who made it: the "juju" frames by Julie, the "Kimba" and Lucy" frames by Kim, the "zetta" frames by Nancy. Too cute!

Here is a gorgeous frame job Julie did on my Ani-Man piece. she actually tea-stained the striped fabric by hand before affixing it to the matt. (I mean, c'mon, who does that?? That is artistry!)

Julie's flair for design, color and beauty is on display even in hidden nooks and crannies. You have to look up- way up, into a corner of the room, to spy this little gem-like display. Lovely!

This display holds all kinds of 2 and 3-d art and crafts from local and national artists and artisans.
You can find something new in every corner. Lots of types of arts on display-wood bowls, silver jewelry, textile art forms, art cards, mini-paintings and more.

This display holds Sagescents artisan handmade incense. Behind the incense display (on the other side of the large wood display) is a display of Vintage by Crystal's cool stuff. Visible through the box here is one of her wonderful whimsical spun-cotton characters.

Here are some of Kim Morin Weineck's new pumpkin head felt dolls, so cute, plus a handmade frame she created (see"Kimba" behind the pumpkins). Some pottery pears round out the display (did not get the artists name on the pears).

Finally, here is a beautiful delicate necklace by my sister NancyRosetta called "Mermaids Tears".

I will have some more fun art items available at the shop for the upcoming holiday season as well. I will post about it here and in my newsletter. (Sign up to stay in the loop.)


Anonymous said...

Kathy, what a great post about the gallery!!! Can we link to it on our blog?

Your photos and comments made me so happy.

Glad you were able to stop in! Even happier that you enjoyed yourself and loved what you saw....

Kathy Weller said...

Of course!! :) I loved the shop, wich I could have made it there sooner. Nice work!!

Lucie Wicker Art said...

Ok you've convinced me, I've got to get out there and check it out!