Thursday, October 01, 2009

Calpe & Capri finished portrait sketch

Here is the finished portrait sketch of Calpe and Capri. Specs: Arches 140# hot press (smooth) paper, HB pencil.

Details, details...

• The background scene is of a Capri seaside, complete with cool architecture built into the oceanside mountain rock formations.

• Round, big pottery vases flanking the sides of the portrait are like ones you might see in Capri

• Butterflies dotting some border details are representational and were included per client's wishes

• A small blue jay stuffie is Calpe's favorite toy

• Block "M" letter center top represents an alma mater

•Single engine Cessna Skylane aiplane depicted in the center of the sky

• Beautiful lush flowers and greenery (like you would see in Capri) decorate the border

• Ocean is represented complete with weathered boats

• Cats are posed in the same manner as when they recline in real life

Next up:
Awaiting final approval on this sketch. After that I am inking the piece. (I will have a SPECIAL SURPRISE for you when I post the inked-in portrait!)


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Ohh it's too cute Kathy! :o)

Loni Edwards said...

Nice job Kathy!