Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My last custom pet portrait. For now.

Decisions, decisions. Layout A or B?
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Meet Rosie! Her full name is Rosalita, just like the Bruce song. Very cute, huh?

Rosie will be my last custom pet portrait. After Rosie is complete, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from doing custom pet portraits. What I am basically saying is that yes, I won't be doing them anymore, but I am not locking the door behind me. I have loved and enjoyed doing custom pet portraits for the past five years. It's been one of the most important creative experiences - or experiments! - I've ever had. And believe me, this was a very tough decision to make. But, it was also very important for me to make it. Sometimes the toughest decisions are the ones you need to make the most.

I say I'm not 'locking the door behind me' because, at some point down the road, it is possible that I may start doing custom pet portraits once more. But, if this comes to fruition, the creative and business model will be something very different than what it is now.

This decision does not mean in any way, shape or form that I am done with pet art. To the contrary! Pet art will remain a major focus of mine, but in a new and different (and fun!! and exciting!!) format. (More on that down the road...)

For now, the fat lady will sing when my work on Rosie is completed. That said, I hope you will enjoy watching the process of my "swan song" portrait, Rosie, unfold!

(Client chose B!)



Hey...I recognize that dog! : )

Andi Butler said...

Sometimes the best decisions we've made we're some of the most difficult in the beginning. Good for you for following "you" Kathy!

a : )