Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Poppets

Poppets on my mantle
(L-R: Me, Ruby, Matt, Daisy)

I have admired Claudine Hellmuth's work for several years now. Ever since I discovered her work and her wonderful "Poppet" artwork, I imagined how fun it would be to have my family "Poppet"-ized! Well, time comes and goes, and before I knew it, I'd never ordered those Poppets I'd promised myself. Well, this year in particular, I've learned through personal experience that it serves no one in the end to wait on things you want to do... or, for that matter, wait on things that perhaps you simply just want. So, partly in honor of this lesson, I went for it and ordered my Poppets a couple of weeks ago. Horray!! Well, they arrived TODAY, and I could not be happier!!! Thanks to Claudine for her wonderful work, and what a fun process, too. Truly painless, streamlined, and fun. Claudine, you make it a cake walk for us to have our very own custom Poppets! You have really streamlined the entire customer experience and made it easy and fun. The final product is so absolutely charming and whimsical, they bring a smile to my face (if not an outright chuckle) every time. Thank you!

My Poppet proof (from Claudine)

Package full of Poppets


Christine Marie said...

They're great! Love the dogs :-) and Claudine's stuff is always so fun.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my gosh kathy!

your poppet family is fabulous!

poppet pugs! love it!

claudine hellmuth said...

yay!!! I loved working on your little poppet family!!! so thrilled that you love them!

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Really adorable, Kathy. Get's me thinking.... I want some poppets!!

lisa bebi said...

that's fabulous. claudine seems like such a sweetie pie too.
also i love the painting behind your poppets of your dogs.

Ann Gorbett said...

I love your new poppets! They are so clever and fun. And great packaging too. (Also-love the painting behind the poppets in the first photo-HA!)