Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Party Animals" original art auctions are LIVE-- to benefit A Place To Bark!

My "Party Animals" original pen/ink/watercolor painting up for auction to benefit A Place To Bark

Hey all! I am very pleased to announce that the Party Animals original art auctions to benefit A Place To Bark are now LIVE and tick-tick-ticking away on Ebay! All auctions are five-day auctions only. All of them will end on October 20th. Plenty of great artwork to be had, and ALL of the auctions start at just $20! This is all-original art we are talking about, too! Very exciting, very fun, and ALL proceeds go to benefit animal rescue sanctuary A Place To Bark. The proceeds will go directly to taking care of and rehabilitating previously abandoned and abused animals.

There is not a better feeling than being able to helping another living being who desperately needs it. This is a wonderful way to give of your heart but also get something wonderful in return. All of the works were created with big hearts and a generous, giving spirit. All of the works of art were made expressly for the Party Animals project, and were made with positive intentions for the animals that will benefit from the sale of the Party Animals book and the Art Auction.

Please find your favorites, and please bid!!!

> See all of the art auctions here

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