Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rosie portrait sketch

Here is a sketch of Rosie (my final pet portrait). This one is a little more detailed than the blocking sketch. It's not incredibly detailed though. The goal here is to lay everything out, including the small details, with a little more definition. For instance, we now have seagulls holding up Rosie's name banner (a great idea that Rosie's mom had). There are the requested crabs and tennis ball in the portrait now. there is even a defined area where my signature lives-this too has been worked out as part of the overall plan. Some serendipitous surprises are nice during inking and painting, but not when it comes to the bones of the work. I like to have a good, solid foundation on which to build.

The next step will be the finished watercolor pencil sketch!

1 comment:

mai s kemble said...

I noticed the little heart just where her collar would be... adorable!
you've really got a good thing here!